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Qualified & Experienced care in the comfort of your home

We offer a wide range of patient services


COPD & asthma care

Chronic Disease Management

Family Planning

Diabetic Education and Care

Flu/ Pneumonia Immunization


Personal Care Services

General Health

Prevention & Wellness


Home Visits

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Medical Social Services

Home Health Aide

Geriatric Care.

United America Home Health Services specializes in the management of the elderly and disabled populations in the comfort of their own home. We operate on our belief that the disabled and elderly members of our community are effectively cared for in their home surrounded by family and people in their community who has always been part of their lives. We assist families in locating resources available in their communities which enable their loved ones to age gracefully in the comfort of their own homes

Case management.


United America Home Health Service, in partnership with major insurance providers, offers case management to patients with complex chronic health problems. We have a team of highly skilled nurses and social workers to monitor and care for people with chronic health problems. We coordinate with physicians and other healthcare professionals to ensure patients receive necessary resources, adequate medical care, and assistance to manage all aspects of their health issues. This helps in reducing incidence of emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Pediatric Care.

Every expectant parent anticipates the delivery of a healthy bundle of joy. We at United America Home Health also share in the joy when a healthy baby arrives. Our pediatric nurses assist new and teenage parents master the care required to raise a healthy Texan. There are also parents who are faced with the task of taking care of children with chronic illness. Our highly trained compassionate pediatric staff are masters in teaching and coaching parents in the care of chronic conditions and procedures like colostomy care, tracheotomy care, wound care and tube feeding. We follow up with family ensuring that they are diligently following up with their physician appointments, immunization schedule as well as utilizing other community resources.

Psychiatric Care.

Mental illness poses special challenges to our families and impacts our communities is very negative ways. Our psychiatric hospitals have become revolving doors where people with mental illness spends most of their times in these institutions. Our city and county jails are filled with people are not criminals but have mental challenges. These people do not deserve to be treated like criminals and have no place in the jail system. With assistance from our highly trained and compassionate psychiatric trained Profession, people with mental challenges are well managed in their own homes. With proper management and continued support, many are fully rehabilitated and become very productive members of our communities



United America Home Health Services is a licensed and certified home health agency serving Houston and the surrounding area and counties.  Our excellence and dedication is rooted in our belief that when people going through health challenges are taken care of in the comfort of their home, they recover quicker.


We have highly trained Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Licensed Social Workers and Home health Aides with many years of experience in their fields who are dedicated to making positive changes in patients' lives. We also offer nutritional counseling and provider assisted services.


Our holistic approach to your well-being separates us from other agencies, along with the fact that all of our services are covered by most insurance including, Medicare, Medicaid, United Health Care, Molina, Aetna, Community Health Choice, Texas Children's Health Plan, Care Improvement Plus, Superior Health plan and many more.


3721 Briarpark Dr. Suite 155

Houston, TX 77042
Tel:  713-975-1310

Referral Fax: 713-583-8994  

General Fax:  713-975-7312


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday - Saturday


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